Outside In, an international adventure novel by Clark Nicol
A man wakes up on a deserted beach beside a beautiful woman.
Unfortunately, he has amnesia and she has a knife in her chest!
The search for his identity uncovers irrefutable proof of two lives, awakening vivid memories of two mothers, two childhoods and two backgrounds in different countries. Highly improbable, but well substantiated by everyone and everything he encounters. He feels like he's just an ordinary guy, but each new discovery, and the fact that somebody is trying to kill him, indicate something more sinister. On visiting both birthplaces, he finds neither mother still alive, but discovers that his biological father is a reclusive millionaire, who has been kidnapped by Arab militants.
The choice is simple.
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Does he book a double-room for both 'himselves' in the nearest lunatic asylum,
or mount a rescue mission assisted by his new friends, a Spanish Smuggler, a Glasgow Gangster and a Cross-dressing Commando?
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