IckSoft Consultants Limited
Kilmarnock, Scotland

Formed in 1989, IckSoft Consultants Limited have provided software consultancy and support to companies developing real-time, embedded software systems throughout the UK and Germany for over two decades.

Specialising primarily in software projects in the ADA (c) Programming language, IckSoft have collaborated in the development of software systems for dedicaticated aerospace platforms and naval navigation equipment. Their customers also include a European market leader for armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles and they have experience in vehicle simulation.

IckSoft Consultants can provide consultancy and support for all aspects of the software development life-cycle, including formal testing & validation, and technical document translation from German to English.

Software Consultancy
Clark Nicol BSc. M.Phil
Translations & Documentation
Máirín De Bháldraithe BA.

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